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Private Money Lending 

You can become the bank and

"Make Profits Without Managing Problems"

A Safe Alternative to Stocks, Bonds, Savings, CD’s, Annuities, and Mutual Funds.

Private Money Lending

Underwriting Each Deal

In order to successfully acquire an asset, we conduct a physical, legal, and financial analysis and risk assessment of the property. This includes a title search, a property inspection, and a CMA (comparative market analysis) to determine the resale and rental value of that asset.


Once our preliminary underwriting process is complete, we create a full detailed "investor report" and distribute it to our private money lenders. This report will include the purchase price, ARV (after repair value), down payment amount, and the details of the offer to our private money lender.  

Promissory Note and Deed of Trust

Promissory Note identifies the terms of the repayment, the length of time of repayment, the interest rate, the payment schedule, etc. The Mortgage or Deed of Trust is signed by the real estate investor and recorded in the public records by the closing attorney to secure your loan against the property. 

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